Magazine design is one of the most expensive but attractive printed genres in the Graphic Designing world and you are surrounded by a lot of creativity and originality. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks, because you must have enough experience to participate in this field or even have an opportunity in the world of magazine design.

To know more about it, here are some tips for beginner designers who want to create a high impact magazine:


Using a logo is something necessary to start building a quality product and present it to the world because it’s what will characterize the magazine and make it recognizable for the audience. And for this, it must be completely legible and noticeable for all the consumers to ingrain the image in their minds.

Through this, people can identify the type of magazine that it is, and only by seeing that logo they will recognize, from a mile away, which magazine, or brand, it is. Basically, it’s the identifier that will always go on the cover.

Start Traveling

You should consider traveling, as your goal is to be in contact with many different trends and styles, traveling is a must. Start saving some of your money for traveling purposes, as traveling can get expensive.

Cover Page

The cover is the most important part of any magazine since it’s what will attract people. Readers will be interested in it depending on the model, actor, musician, or personality (famous or not) displayed on the cover and depending on the topics that the magazine will talk about in that edition.

In the case of being responsible for the design of any page, you should try to innovate. Think of a totally different design approach, and use a photo that is attractive to the public. Besides, play with the placing of the information in the cover, while avoiding cutting any important part of the objects or person being displayed.

Correct Use of Fonts

You must be careful with the fonts, give them a correct use. The letters always have to try to stand out, but they have to go according to the design of the page or the cover. It’s a requirement for the colors and background to match the fonts that are going to be used.

White Background

The white background is the classic one, it will work for any photo, any style, and any color. However, don’t be afraid to use any other type of background and get creative with it. Just be consistent with the colors that the model will be wearing, rather than outshining what has to stand out, which is the person in the photo.

Other Data

You should always add certain information, such as the price of the magazine, its website, its social networks, and even its publisher’s address. That allows people to know more about the magazine.

The world of magazine design isn’t easy. You have to work extremely hard to be promoted and have some important position in which you can be a part of the creative process. It will be worth it, don’t give up. In the meantime, you can learn more and more about this world and its new techniques, in order to expand your knowledge.

If drawing seems difficult, just imagine how difficult drawing illustrations really are. Yes, it’s difficult for someone who doesn’t know how to draw or doesn’t have the proper instruction to the art, but if you have this kind of gift, you’re lucky, as it has the most elegant and luxurious effect ever.

That being said, here we are some tips from the professionals for people who want to hand draw high impact illustrations:

You Must Have Your Own Style

Each artist has a determined style of drawing that represents them. That’s what you should do too. You must choose the style that you like and try to be perfect at it. That way, you can get to know different tools which can help you improve as an artist.

Working with illustrations isn’t easy. For example, if you have to work with lines that must be consistent with the drawing you have made, it’s important to always be faithful to your own style and try to work on it. By doing that, you will be developing your own brand, and people will recognize you for it.

Materials to Work

If you don’t want to digitally make any design, you can do it in a classic way, by hand. For illustrated drawings, it’s advisable to use different types of cardboard like Bristol since they have a totally smooth surface.

Doing that keeps you from staining the drawing. Regarding the pencils, the Faber-Castell or Zebra brands, are recommended, especially the 3B pencils series.


You can also try painting with watercolors, which is an excellent technique to make any type of finishing touches. The perspective that watercolors give to the drawing is on a whole different level. You only need to know which parts you want to highlight, as to not overload your drawing.

A nice trick to know when using watercolors is to let it dry between layers. Regardless of the surface you are painting on, waiting a few seconds, or even minutes, between layers of paint, will show you the true shade on the surface. So, let it dry, and let the surface absorb the liquid a little bit before applying a new one on top.

Besides, it’s crucial to know what type of cardboard are going to work for watercolors better than others, or you would end up with a hole on your drawing.

How to Use the Pencil

Drawing with a pencil has a lot of ways to be used, actually. But everything will depend on the perspective you want to show with your drawing. For example, if you want to portray a more romantic and delicate trace on your drawings, applying too much pressure when hand drawing, won’t do the job you want.

On the contrary, if you are looking for a more modern and comic-book-style, a hard and thick trace will express exactly what you are looking for.

Drawing is a type of art, through it you can express what you feel. And now, with the new technologies that have come out and the massive use of the internet, even websites in which you can digitally make your illustrations have been created. Now you just have to apply these tips and you’ll be ready.

There are many brands that manufacture cars and thousands of designs that we can find in the market. With the development of new technologies, without a doubt, the world of design and creation of cars has expanded incredibly. But at present, there are some car designs that have become a trend, and if you are interested, here we talk about some of them:

Lamborghini Urus

This is the SUV created by Lamborghini, which will have a twin-turbo V8 engine, pneumatic suspensions, and ceramic brakes. Also, with a maximum speed of 300km/hm, it will be the first and fastest super sports SUV in the world. It just recently has become available at select luxury car rental agencies in Europe, one of the first being Apex Luxury Car Hire  in Monaco (

Mercedes-Benz EQ C

It’s the first electric EQ model of Mercedes-Benz. It’s an SUV model, with electric engines, more than 400 HP. Inside, it has a system called MBUX, which is artificial intelligence with two screens on the board.

Also, it brings a system implemented by Mercedes-Benz called an ECO assistant, which tells you when to take your foot off the accelerator, and you can hear your car through your phone.

Jaguar I-Pace

This is Jaguar’s first electric car with an SUV style, with electric engine, almost 500KM, battery of 90 kWh, with a power of 400 HP.

It’s very spacious inside, with large adjustable chairs, a screen named Touch Pro Duo with which you can control the car in one touch, and even a built-in Wi-Fi 4G function.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

This new spectacular Mercedes-Benz car will come with different engine designs: A200, A250, and A180d. It will also incorporate one of the best security systems in the world, with PRE-SAFE PLUS and DISTRONIC. It has a new multimedia system called MBUX, with artificial intelligence. And also, it will have 3 screens available on the board.

Bentley Continental GT 8

This new model of Bentley made in England has a 6.0-liter W12 biturbo engine with an intelligent chassis, 7 speeds, two doors, and LED headlights.

Technologically speaking, it also brings new additions such as a rotating screen on the board, with three analog clocks, speaker system, the seats are adjustable and they even come with the option of heating, ventilation, and massage.

Volkswagen ID concept

This new design from Volkswagen is an electric car, with an engine that is also electric and has 167 horsepower and 400-600 KM. No other features have been officially published about this new creation, but it’s expected to be released to the market in 2020. It would make a great fit for a Miami trip with an exotic convertible or other luxury vehicle.

Toyota Concept-i

This car is crazy. A design inspired by Walt Disney, although you may not believe it because the manufacturers used some techniques of the Disney studios for the creation of their animated films. So that way, an inanimate object like this car would seem alive. With artificial intent that lets you communicate while driving, the car also features OLED technology, and a totally innovative design.

These are some of the hundreds of cars on the market that many of us would like to have. They exhibit incredible features, an internal technology that would leave us all speechless, and a spectacular design. Their price may not be so accessible, but that doesn’t prevent us from dreaming and admiring the good things.

There are millions of magazines worldwide, and some of them have a more remarkable impact on our minds than others. But the simple fact of working for a local magazine is a breakthrough on its own because it will give you recognition.

But designing a cover for a big client, it’s on another level, because in order to do it you need to have lots of knowledge about design, and this will help you gain more experience, fame, and power in your field of work. So, due to the anniversary of Le Rocambole magazine, here are some tips you must know about when designing a magazine cover for a big fish:

Panoramic Photos

This is a trend that is becoming more popular nowadays. These shoots are undoubtedly great and different in comparison to other designs. In them, you can fully appreciate any image you want to share and there would be no need to fill it with any other design or overpowering text blocks because you would end up overdoing it.

Using 3D

The use of 3D is something very common when designing a magazine cover. In case you want to give a bigger background and more populated layers to any image, using 3D images or letter will do. It has a special technique, which will undoubtedly give more life to any design you want.

This technique is easier than you think, so don’t be scared to try it, as you will only need a computer, and a good rendering motor program to solve that for you.

Use of Colors

Don’t be afraid to use different colors for the design of a page, or the fonts you use, or simply the clothes of some model. The implementation of the 80s or 90s color palettes is currently one of the most used trends these days.

Text in the Image

This is very common in almost all magazines. However, the innovation that some magazines are trying to implement is the massive use of different texts around the image in different ways, from different angles as to give another perspective to the image.

Playing with perspective when using 3D letters can add life and uniqueness to the overall design, so keep this in mind to improve your future designs. To apply this technique, it’s necessary that the image in which the letters are applied has a neutral and smooth background where no type of design interferes because it will distort it completely.

Think Big

You should always have this phrase in mind. Think about the best designs, the best techniques, and anything you can do to stand out among all the magazines in the world. Don’t be afraid to take some risks, to be authentic and not just copy off another magazine. Try to reinvent yourself whenever you can.

Magazine design is incredibly interesting. You can play with different things to try to innovate. The copies and the repetitiveness becomes boring, and people, especially young people, like to see things that are different, new and directed at them. So, you have to work well with these tools.

Drawings are a form of art. Through them, we can express our deepest feelings, which can be turned into beautiful and colorful creations. To be excellent at drawing, it’s necessary to apply different techniques which will help you perfect the craft you were born with.

So, here you have them, some inking techniques that will leave you completely speechless from the gecko:


Working with watercolor is a technique that not everyone knows how to apply, but when it’s well implemented, the end result it’s always spectacular. For watercolors, if you want to give a softer perception to the drawing, you can apply some water only on its lines so that they take another tone. That will give more contrast to your drawing.

Using more, or less, water, will indubitably, change the color shade, and that will give you more room to play with the colors in all its tonalities. Another thing to have in mind when using watercolors it’s the surface you are painting on.

If the cardboard is too smooth, the colors won’t be absorbed in the right way, looking pale and opaque. On the contrary, if the surface is too rough and grainy, the colors will soak the paper and could mix up without a clear line between them.


This is something that without doubt, many people try when they’re bored and have a pen and paper in hand. For being such a simple tool, you can surely create the most beautiful drawings that you have ever made. This technique is great, especially if you use colored pens.

Plus, you can highlight the drawing with some shadows using markers, or while making some tight or lose crisscrossing in the areas you want to be darker.

Dry Markers

Don’t throw away dry markers, these can still be useful. Trust me. When applied on the edges of some drawings, dry markers can give a totally different perspective to your drawing. The results could truly surprise you.


The most basic drawings with a shade of white, black, and gray can be made with a simple pencil, paper, and waterproof ink (resistant to water). After you’ve applied the ink and it has dried, you can continue painting over it, and it will not erase anything.

This is the most commonly used way to use ink. Besides, this technique helps you improve your creativity as starting with a simple ink stain on the paper can inspire you to turn it into a whole new thing.

Holding the Pen from the Side

This is a technique that is also very used. It will give a completely different perspective to the drawings, making them totally different from any other basic drawing. It will give a different dimension to the drawing, with brushstrokes on the side. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, excellent art can come out of it.

There are many more techniques you can learn. You don’t even need a lot of money for this. It’s not necessary to enroll in a super expensive university for it in case you can’t afford it. You can even learn through the internet by looking for articles like these or online courses, as they will be incredibly helpful.

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