Being a graphic designer has taught me to appreciate art in all its presentations. Since art comes in many types and forms, it’s easy to understand that everyone might not think the same way about a piece or another type of art.

Fiction Bis was founded when I decided to share my point of view about my work and other types of arts. I share and talk about illustrations that inspire me, and also talk about the world of graphic design which has won a special place in my life.

However, since graphic design can be a broad subject, I try to keep it simple and only write articles that are interesting for me and my readers. Advertising is also an important topic at Fiction Bis, and we try to learn the particularities that make advertisement such an important tool for the world.

It’s hard not to love the world of graphic design when it’s all around us offering us as much as we want to. Fiction Bis knows that and tries to dig more into the world of graphic design in every article that is posted. Art is also something to talk about here in Fiction Bis, since illustrations, paintings, and graphic designs are heavily related.

– Billy Vasquez

Founder of Fiction Bis

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