4 Tips from the Professionals for People Who Want to Hand Draw High Impact Illustrations

If drawing seems difficult, just imagine how difficult drawing illustrations really are. Yes, it’s difficult for someone who doesn’t know how to draw or doesn’t have the proper instruction to the art, but if you have this kind of gift, you’re lucky, as it has the most elegant and luxurious effect ever.

That being said, here we are some tips from the professionals for people who want to hand draw high impact illustrations:

You Must Have Your Own Style

Each artist has a determined style of drawing that represents them. That’s what you should do too. You must choose the style that you like and try to be perfect at it. That way, you can get to know different tools which can help you improve as an artist.

Working with illustrations isn’t easy. For example, if you have to work with lines that must be consistent with the drawing you have made, it’s important to always be faithful to your own style and try to work on it. By doing that, you will be developing your own brand, and people will recognize you for it.

Materials to Work

If you don’t want to digitally make any design, you can do it in a classic way, by hand. For illustrated drawings, it’s advisable to use different types of cardboard like Bristol since they have a totally smooth surface.

Doing that keeps you from staining the drawing. Regarding the pencils, the Faber-Castell or Zebra brands, are recommended, especially the 3B pencils series.


You can also try painting with watercolors, which is an excellent technique to make any type of finishing touches. The perspective that watercolors give to the drawing is on a whole different level. You only need to know which parts you want to highlight, as to not overload your drawing.

A nice trick to know when using watercolors is to let it dry between layers. Regardless of the surface you are painting on, waiting a few seconds, or even minutes, between layers of paint, will show you the true shade on the surface. So, let it dry, and let the surface absorb the liquid a little bit before applying a new one on top.

Besides, it’s crucial to know what type of cardboard are going to work for watercolors better than others, or you would end up with a hole on your drawing.

How to Use the Pencil

Drawing with a pencil has a lot of ways to be used, actually. But everything will depend on the perspective you want to show with your drawing. For example, if you want to portray a more romantic and delicate trace on your drawings, applying too much pressure when hand drawing, won’t do the job you want.

On the contrary, if you are looking for a more modern and comic-book-style, a hard and thick trace will express exactly what you are looking for.

Drawing is a type of art, through it you can express what you feel. And now, with the new technologies that have come out and the massive use of the internet, even websites in which you can digitally make your illustrations have been created. Now you just have to apply these tips and you’ll be ready.

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About the author : Billy Vasquez