Designing Much? – 5 Tips for Beginner Designers Who Want to Create a High Impact Magazine

Magazine design is one of the most expensive but attractive printed genres in the Graphic Designing world and you are surrounded by a lot of creativity and originality. It’s not as easy as everyone thinks, because you must have enough experience to participate in this field or even have an opportunity in the world of magazine design.

To know more about it, here are some tips for beginner designers who want to create a high impact magazine:


Using a logo is something necessary to start building a quality product and present it to the world because it’s what will characterize the magazine and make it recognizable for the audience. And for this, it must be completely legible and noticeable for all the consumers to ingrain the image in their minds.

Through this, people can identify the type of magazine that it is, and only by seeing that logo they will recognize, from a mile away, which magazine, or brand, it is. Basically, it’s the identifier that will always go on the cover.

Start Traveling

You should consider traveling, as your goal is to be in contact with many different trends and styles, traveling is a must. Start saving some of your money for traveling purposes, as traveling can get expensive.

Cover Page

The cover is the most important part of any magazine since it’s what will attract people. Readers will be interested in it depending on the model, actor, musician, or personality (famous or not) displayed on the cover and depending on the topics that the magazine will talk about in that edition.

In the case of being responsible for the design of any page, you should try to innovate. Think of a totally different design approach, and use a photo that is attractive to the public. Besides, play with the placing of the information in the cover, while avoiding cutting any important part of the objects or person being displayed.

Correct Use of Fonts

You must be careful with the fonts, give them a correct use. The letters always have to try to stand out, but they have to go according to the design of the page or the cover. It’s a requirement for the colors and background to match the fonts that are going to be used.

White Background

The white background is the classic one, it will work for any photo, any style, and any color. However, don’t be afraid to use any other type of background and get creative with it. Just be consistent with the colors that the model will be wearing, rather than outshining what has to stand out, which is the person in the photo.

Other Data

You should always add certain information, such as the price of the magazine, its website, its social networks, and even its publisher’s address. That allows people to know more about the magazine.

The world of magazine design isn’t easy. You have to work extremely hard to be promoted and have some important position in which you can be a part of the creative process. It will be worth it, don’t give up. In the meantime, you can learn more and more about this world and its new techniques, in order to expand your knowledge.

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About the author : Billy Vasquez