The Design Catalog – 5 Graphic Design Trends to Be Aware of in 2018

This past decade, has been dominated by all the trends you could ever imagine of, and it seems to not stopping any time soon. This 2018, is full of trends, starting from memes to viral videos, all the internet challenges, start-up business, and social media personalities, designers have been flooded with jobs all over the place.

Some trends are so old that we thought they would never return and are resurfacing nowadays, and they are here to stay.

Here’s a list of some graphic design trends to be aware of in 2018 designs when it comes to different brands, social networks, and internet platforms. If you dominate these, you’ll have a pretty decent income in a short period of time.

Going Retro. The 80s and 90s are back

This is a trend that is increasingly gaining strength in the design of different brands. Colors like yellow, gum pink or green are here to stay, again. Also, abstract and geometric designs that also belong in that era are currently the most used ones.

Bright and bold colors, with crazy and colorful patterns, leg warmers, and a lot of hairsprays will blow your mind. In the graphic design world, it all gets filled with outdated fonts and Word Art-related compositions are on trend right now.

Images in Motion

This kind of trend has revolutionized the world. The use of GIFs is something that we constantly see in social networks like Twitter or Facebook, but also an implementation of designs in a different web page. It’s without a doubt, a design that would give life to anything.

Now they are also being used as a promotional material for different networks or social media platforms such as Tinder, Tumblr, among others. It’s an attractive, original, and very funny way to catch the attention of an audience.

Remember to be direct, concise, and entertaining with a simple looped video that will get your message across.

Vintage Returns

The designs with vintage style have returned to the market, where they’re increasingly popular because of how attractive they have become. This style is apparently here to stay. The use of different designs faithful to the vintage style on brands of liquors, soft drinks, and even food, has revolutionized everything.

Design with Depth

At the moment, it’s a very commonly used technique. The realism and the use of dimension have become the stars of every design of many important brands. For these types of designs, the shadow technique is used to give more depth to any figure or abstract design.


The use of photos as the main focus n different designs for brands has become a great trend. Realistic photography is something that has revolutionized graphic design, since it gives more simplicity, elegance, and at the same time more realism to what you want to convey with the design.

Some old trends have returned, and they have caused a great impact on the market. There are millions of brands worldwide, in which the most important is the thing to stand out is originality, how unique they are and how they have changed the world of graphic design. Minimalism and contemporary fashion are trends that apparently will keep going for a long time.

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About the author : Billy Vasquez