5 Inking Techniques that Will Leave You Completely Speechless

Drawings are a form of art. Through them, we can express our deepest feelings, which can be turned into beautiful and colorful creations. To be excellent at drawing, it’s necessary to apply different techniques which will help you perfect the craft you were born with.

So, here you have them, some inking techniques that will leave you completely speechless from the gecko:


Working with watercolor is a technique that not everyone knows how to apply, but when it’s well implemented, the end result it’s always spectacular. For watercolors, if you want to give a softer perception to the drawing, you can apply some water only on its lines so that they take another tone. That will give more contrast to your drawing.

Using more, or less, water, will indubitably, change the color shade, and that will give you more room to play with the colors in all its tonalities. Another thing to have in mind when using watercolors it’s the surface you are painting on.

If the cardboard is too smooth, the colors won’t be absorbed in the right way, looking pale and opaque. On the contrary, if the surface is too rough and grainy, the colors will soak the paper and could mix up without a clear line between them.


This is something that without doubt, many people try when they’re bored and have a pen and paper in hand. For being such a simple tool, you can surely create the most beautiful drawings that you have ever made. This technique is great, especially if you use colored pens.

Plus, you can highlight the drawing with some shadows using markers, or while making some tight or lose crisscrossing in the areas you want to be darker.

Dry Markers

Don’t throw away dry markers, these can still be useful. Trust me. When applied on the edges of some drawings, dry markers can give a totally different perspective to your drawing. The results could truly surprise you.


The most basic drawings with a shade of white, black, and gray can be made with a simple pencil, paper, and waterproof ink (resistant to water). After you’ve applied the ink and it has dried, you can continue painting over it, and it will not erase anything.

This is the most commonly used way to use ink. Besides, this technique helps you improve your creativity as starting with a simple ink stain on the paper can inspire you to turn it into a whole new thing.

Holding the Pen from the Side

This is a technique that is also very used. It will give a completely different perspective to the drawings, making them totally different from any other basic drawing. It will give a different dimension to the drawing, with brushstrokes on the side. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, excellent art can come out of it.

There are many more techniques you can learn. You don’t even need a lot of money for this. It’s not necessary to enroll in a super expensive university for it in case you can’t afford it. You can even learn through the internet by looking for articles like these or online courses, as they will be incredibly helpful.

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About the author : Billy Vasquez