5 Tips I Live By When Designing Magazine Covers for Big Clients

There are millions of magazines worldwide, and some of them have a more remarkable impact on our minds than others. But the simple fact of working for a local magazine is a breakthrough on its own because it will give you recognition.

But designing a cover for a big client, it’s on another level, because in order to do it you need to have lots of knowledge about design, and this will help you gain more experience, fame, and power in your field of work. So, due to the anniversary of Le Rocambole magazine, here are some tips you must know about when designing a magazine cover for a big fish:

Panoramic Photos

This is a trend that is becoming more popular nowadays. These shoots are undoubtedly great and different in comparison to other designs. In them, you can fully appreciate any image you want to share and there would be no need to fill it with any other design or overpowering text blocks because you would end up overdoing it.

Using 3D

The use of 3D is something very common when designing a magazine cover. In case you want to give a bigger background and more populated layers to any image, using 3D images or letter will do. It has a special technique, which will undoubtedly give more life to any design you want.

This technique is easier than you think, so don’t be scared to try it, as you will only need a computer, and a good rendering motor program to solve that for you.

Use of Colors

Don’t be afraid to use different colors for the design of a page, or the fonts you use, or simply the clothes of some model. The implementation of the 80s or 90s color palettes is currently one of the most used trends these days.

Text in the Image

This is very common in almost all magazines. However, the innovation that some magazines are trying to implement is the massive use of different texts around the image in different ways, from different angles as to give another perspective to the image.

Playing with perspective when using 3D letters can add life and uniqueness to the overall design, so keep this in mind to improve your future designs. To apply this technique, it’s necessary that the image in which the letters are applied has a neutral and smooth background where no type of design interferes because it will distort it completely.

Think Big

You should always have this phrase in mind. Think about the best designs, the best techniques, and anything you can do to stand out among all the magazines in the world. Don’t be afraid to take some risks, to be authentic and not just copy off another magazine. Try to reinvent yourself whenever you can.

Magazine design is incredibly interesting. You can play with different things to try to innovate. The copies and the repetitiveness becomes boring, and people, especially young people, like to see things that are different, new and directed at them. So, you have to work well with these tools.

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About the author : Billy Vasquez